“What do I do when I get sick?”

Please do not hide your symptoms nor go to work. 

“Where do I go if I’m sick?”

You can go see a general or a company doctor. 

“I’m worried going to the doctor is expensive.”

The Ministry of Manpower makes it a must for employers to provide you with basic medical insurance. This means that your treatment could be cheaper or even free. 

“If I don’t have basic insurance, how? What do I do if my employer doesn’t give me insurance?”

You can go to HealthServe clinics to get cheaper legal and medical care. Visit HealthServe clinics in Geylang, Jurong and Mandai.

“I don’t feel sick, but I feel stressed/I cannot sleep/I feel worried all the time.”

Good news! HealthServe also provides counseling if you struggle with issues like these. If you need someone to talk to, HealthServe can help you. 

We approach the issues holistically through our medical clinics, casework, social assistance, advocacy, research and outreach programmes, we are working to address the complex and intertwined needs of migrant workers – from medical to legal, physical to emotional, mental to social.

“Can I go somewhere else too?”

Sure! You can also visit Fullerton Health Foundation clinics. 

“Where are they?”

You can find your nearest clinic here.

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