“I want to get a new phone number.”

Okay! Please first choose which network you want to use. 

“I don’t know how to choose. Which one is better for me?”

Don’t worry, here is a table where you can compare each network and its services.

You can choose

1)How long your sim card can last (Validity)

2) How much is it (Price)

3) How much Internet you will get and how long it will last(Local Data)


4) How much to call (local outgoing calls) and send messages (local SMS) to someone in Singapore. 

“What if I want to contact my family or friends back home?”

You can use your local data to send messages using online apps such as Whatsapp or Telegram! 


Telcos Comparison

“Okay. Where do I go to buy phone number?”

You can go here:

Where to buy?