Recreation Centre

“What can I do in Singapore for fun?”

A lot of things! Many organizations carry out interesting activities for you to enjoy such as movie screenings, sports competitions and even concerts at some recreation centers you can visit. Here are some places you can go for a relaxing and fun time after work:  

MWC Recreation Club

 The Migrant Worker’s Centre usually hold many activities here, including International Migrant Day, Diwali celebrations and many more. It also has a food court where you can eat many delicious local food

Tuas South Recreation Centre

Here you can play sports or games with your friends at the fields and sport halls. Not only that, you can also buy your daily necessities here from clothes, food, phone top-ups and more. 

Terusan Recreation Centre

Aside from playing sports on the large football field, you can also watch movies here:  in English on Friday, Tamil on Saturday and Bengali on Sundays.