Cultural Arts Groups

“I like to read and write, and I want to spend time with people who like the same thing.”

Go to the Facebook page of Migrant Writers of Singapore and learn more about their activities.

Migrant Writers of Singapore is a bonding of Migrants who are literature enthusiast.

“I want to share my culture and talent to everyone.”

You can check the Facebook page of Migrant Cultural Show Singapore to learn how you can do that. 

Migrant Cultural Show is a platform for the migrant workers in Singapore, to showcase their talent, to share their art and culture.

“I like music, theater and poetry and I want to learn about them too with other people.”

You can visit the Migrants Band Singapore Facebook page and see what activities they have for you. 

Dedicated to entertain migrant workers in Singapore through music, theatre, and poetry and to provide a free platform to learn and practice music, Migrant’s Band Singapore stands committed to promote Bengali culture.